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Monday, August 16, 2010

Customer Advocate

Happy Monday everyone!  Todaqy I am blogging about the addition of a new position at Phones Plus...  We have moved someone into the Customer Advocate position to better serve our customers here at Phones Plus.  The idea behind a Customer Advocate is to help our existing customer base optimize their communication to make their business more profitable and productive.  The ways this is accomplished is through taking a global approach to looking at business.  That means if you are seeing your customer advocate, they should be collecting your phone, cellular and internet bills so he or she can optimize every part of your telecommunications.
A Customer Advocate is important to your business because they are meant to keep your technology on the right track as well as keeping you educated on what is happening in the world of telecommunications technology.  If there is a new technology available that would benefit your business, it is your Customer Advocate's duty to make sure you are aware of that technology so you can decide if now is the time to look into it or not. 
A customer Advocate can help you with moves, adds or changes to your system - meaning that if you need to move a phone from one desk to another or add a phone or some new technology or make changes to call flow, etc.  Your Customer Advocate can help ensure that you do not recieve any invoices from Phones Plus other than for new equipment (and you get a discount on that!) by showing you our Partnership Plan and explaining to you how it works.
The most important thing for you to remember is that your Customer Advocate is meant to help you keep your competetive edge in business, so take advantage of the help and knowledge your Advocate is ready to offer you.  If you have any questions regarding Customer Advocacy or would like to speak to a Customer Advocate at Phones Plus, please call 262-784-2311.  Thanks for taking the time to read the post today and have a great week everyone!

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